Poor demand, formaldehyde market price falls in Shandong

According to the data of the commodity list of the business society, the market price of formaldehyde in Shandong has recently dropped. On April 9, the average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1400.00 yuan / ton, and on April 12, the average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1333.33 yuan / ton, down 4.76%. The current price is up 1.27% month on month, and the current price is up 50.94% year on year.



Recently, the price of formaldehyde in the domestic market has dropped. As of April 12, the mainstream market price in Central China is about 1370yuan / ton, the mainstream market price in North China is 1455 yuan / ton, and the mainstream market price in East China is down 23 yuan / ton to 1385 yuan / ton. Shandong Linyi Galaxy formaldehyde production capacity of 120000 tons / year formaldehyde plant has been restarted. Recently, the atmosphere of formaldehyde market is cold, the lower reaches are more resistant to the high price of formaldehyde in the early stage, the attitude of receiving goods is not positive, and the formaldehyde market is on a downward trend.


Upstream methanol situation: the methanol market is mainly stable, supported by futures, the price is strong, the downstream just needs replenishment after the festival, and the domestic methanol market fluctuates little. Port to inventory low-cost goods still impact the market, coupled with the downstream acceptance capacity is limited, lack of follow-up firm offer, the price is unable to rise, maintain stability. The overall trading atmosphere of methanol is general, the traders are cautious, the downstream part is on the lookout, and the support for formaldehyde is limited.


Under the background of a new round of 20 day environmental protection inspection in China which started on April 8, the downstream plate factories started to tighten up, the demand for formaldehyde decreased, the formaldehyde manufacturers took the initiative to lower the quotation in order to ship, the trading atmosphere of formaldehyde market was general, the downstream receiving mood was negative, and the formaldehyde industry continued to decline.


Recently, the upstream raw material methanol market is stable, the downstream plate factory demand is not good, the purchasing attitude is negative, so the formaldehyde analyst of business society chemical branch expects that the recent formaldehyde price in Shandong will mainly fall below.


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