Analysis on some factors of recent weak stability of magnesium ingot price

Magnesium market trend


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On March 26, 2021, the price range of magnesium ingots (99.9%, non pickling, simple packaging) in the main production areas in China was 15250-15600 yuan / ton, mainly through negotiation.


The specific price range of each region is as follows:


In fugu area, the ex factory spot exchange including tax is 15250-15400 yuan / ton; in Taiyuan area, it is 15400-15500 yuan / ton; in Wenxi area, it is 15500-15600 yuan / ton; in Ningxia area, it is 15300-15400 yuan / ton.


Magnesium ingot is original magnesium ingot according to national standard (GB / t3499-2011); non pickling, no wooden pallet and non payment acceptance price, mainly based on single negotiation.


According to the data of the business association, the quotation of the main production areas is about 15400 yuan / ton at present, and the quotation is weak and stable on the 26th.


The recent failure of magnesium ingot Market to continue the previous strong market is mainly based on the following factors:


1. overseas affected by COVID-19, the demand for magnesium ingot weakened and the export of magnesium ingot decreased.


2. The domestic demand for magnesium ingots is relatively strong, and the downstream operation rate is relatively high, but the inventory of downstream magnesium alloy plants and magnesium powder plants is relatively sufficient;


3. After the price rises in the early stage, the market mainly digests the increase in recent years. At present, the purchase volume in the market is reduced, and the purchase on demand is the main, and the overall trading is not prosperous;


4. The mainstream manufacturers have the periodical operation demand of withdrawing funds.

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