Dimethyl ether market lacks positive guidance, prices continue to fall

Since the middle of March, the dimethyl ether Market has been falling one after another, and the market transaction atmosphere is weak. On March 14, the average price of DME was 0.31340 yuan / ton, down from March 14 in Henan. As of March 23, the domestic market prices of dimethyl ether are as follows:

Region specification Date Quotation

Mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Shandong area: ≥ 99.0% March 223250 yuan / ton

The mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Hebei area: ≥ 99.0% March 223200 yuan / ton

Mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Henan Province: ≥ 99.0% March 223050-3110 yuan / ton

According to the trend chart of dimethyl ether, it is obvious that the overall trend of dimethyl ether Market is weak from the middle of the year, and the price has been reduced one after another. First of all, in terms of cost, the upstream methanol market began to decline from March 12, with a relatively obvious range. As of March 22, the methanol market had declined by 5.37%, and the current market had not improved significantly. The weakening cost has brought a certain blow to the dimethyl ether Market. The second is the liquefied gas market of related products. In late March, the civil gas market was also weak. It was not until the 22nd that the market improved, but the upward range was relatively limited. At present, the price difference between gas and ether was maintained at about 500-600 yuan / ton, which brought very Limited benefits to the dimethyl ether Market. At present, the market supply of dimethyl ether has weakened, and Jiujiang xinlianxin dimethyl ether plant has started, but Shengxin, Yongmei and other manufacturers’ plants have not been restarted. The lower reaches are cautious, not active in entering the market, and the market trading atmosphere is weak. The pressure of delivery is great, but the inventory is basically controllable.


Other impacts: on March 15, the Beijing News published an investigation report “adulterated liquefied gas: many local gas stations make profits by mixing a large amount of dimethyl ether, which experts say is easy to cause accidents”, exposing the phenomenon of selling liquefied gas mixed with dimethyl ether in individual LPG stations in Henan and Anhui. On the 18th, the market supervision bureau of Henan Province and the market supervision bureau of Anhui Province respectively responded to the adulteration of LPG.


In response, the Henan provincial market supervision bureau said that it had sent relevant department staff to Shangqiu to participate in the field investigation, and conducted a thorough investigation on the causes of the confusion of LPG adulteration. In addition, special actions will be carried out throughout Henan Province to crack down on illegal activities such as adulteration of liquefied gas in combination with the investigation.


Anhui Provincial Bureau of market supervision responded that it has urged Suzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision to intensify its work and conduct rapid investigation and disposal. Next, we will focus on LPG, bottled LPG pressure regulator and hose for gas appliance connection, and take product quality supervision and random inspection and law enforcement inspection in circulation field as the main content to organize and carry out a three-month investigation of product quality and safety risks.


On the whole, the continuous decline of methanol cost has brought bad news to the market, and the civil aspect of LPG is also weak. Although there is a small rise in a narrow range, the good news to the market is limited. Downstream mentality cautious, market enthusiasm is not high, the market atmosphere is weak. At present, the manufacturers are under great pressure to ship, and the inventory is temporarily controllable. In terms of demand, terminal demand is expected to weaken, and dimethyl ether Market is expected to be easy to fall but difficult to rise in the future.


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