The LPG market is actively pushing up, and the price is back to the era of 4000 yuan!

In March, the LPG market changed its downward trend and returned to the upward trend. Shandong’s civil gas market rose significantly. According to the data monitoring of business society, the average price of LPG in Shandong market was 3700.00 yuan / ton on March 4 and 4026.67 yuan / ton on March 10, with an increase of 8.83% in the past seven days, up 8.34% compared with March 1.


As of March 10, the mainstream prices of LPG in various regions of China are as follows:

Specification ﹣ mode of transportation ﹣ region ﹣ mainstream quotation

Civil gas and automobile transportation in North China: RMB 3860-3900 / T

Civil gas and automobile transportation in East China: RMB 3650-3900 / T

Civil gas and automobile transportation in South China 4398-4500 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in Shandong Province: RMB 4000-4350 / T

It can be seen from the data of the business community that the LPG market has risen mainly in the past seven days, with a relatively obvious range. At present, the average price of Shandong’s civil gas market has risen to more than 4000 yuan / ton. On March 5, the international crude oil rose sharply, and the news was favorable to the market mentality. As the civil gas market continued to weaken in late February, and the price was relatively low, the manufacturers’ mentality was firm and most of them actively pushed up. Manufacturers generally smooth shipment, downstream market enthusiasm has improved, price behavior is the main factor. On March 8, the international crude oil continued to rise, which once again brought good news to the market. The civil gas market continued to rise, with the increase range of 50-100 yuan / ton in Shandong. However, as prices continue to rise, the lower reaches are in conflict with high prices, and Duowei holds to enter the market on demand, the atmosphere has become weaker than in the earlier stage. At present, the market supply in Shandong is stable, and only a few enterprises are shut down.


In the past seven days, the LPG futures market was mainly volatile, which brought Limited benefits to the spot market. On March 10, the opening price of LPG futures contract 2104 was 3913, the highest price was 3975, the lowest price was 3878, the closing price was 3934, the former settlement price was 3884, the settlement price was 3927, up 50, or 1.29%, the trading volume was 78641, the position was 23556, and the daily increase was – 2057. (quotation unit: yuan / ton)


Due to the rising market, the international crude oil support is more obvious. From March 8 to 9, the international crude oil continued to weaken, and the market lacked positive support. On March 10, it has stabilized in a large area, and only a few manufacturers made up for it. But there are also individual manufacturers, the current rate is not large. Generally speaking, the market supply is stable, but the demand follow-up is insufficient, the terminal is weak as a whole, the downstream market has been significantly weakened compared with the earlier stage, the manufacturers’ shipment is blocked, and the inventory is gradually accumulated. It is expected that Shandong’s civil gas market will consolidate horizontally in the short term and the trend will be weak.

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