Butadiene market is expected to be stronger in the future

This week, the domestic butadiene market fluctuated in a narrow range, but traders had strong expectations for the butadiene market after the festival. According to the sample data monitored by the business agency, the domestic butadiene market price was 6056 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, and 6051 yuan / ton at the end of the week. The price fell by 0.09% in the week, 21.93% month on month, and 22.16% year-on-year.


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The domestic butadiene market is dominated by small consolidation. With the approach of the Spring Festival holiday, the automobile transportation capacity of the market is limited, and the spot inventory of downstream raw materials is relatively abundant, so the current spot trading atmosphere is relatively cold. In view of the relatively concentrated overhaul of butadiene and downstream industries after the festival, most businesses have stronger expectations for the market after the festival, and there is also a demand for long-term sources of goods in the downstream. Therefore, the atmosphere of long-term sources of goods is on the rise in the later part of this week, bringing a certain impetus to the spot market. However, in the external market, we heard that the transaction price of Southeast Asian goods was not high, and some goods from Taiwan were bidding, so the support of market news to the market was limited.


In terms of enterprises, Sinopec’s butadiene supply price was stable at 6100 yuan / ton in the cycle; North Huajin’s 78 tons of goods were exported through competitive bidding on February 1, with the base price of 6010 yuan / ton, the average transaction price of reference yuan / ton, and the transaction volume of 78 tons; Shenhua Ningmei’s butadiene was exported normally, and the price was stable at 5650 yuan / ton as of February 4 Fushun Petrochemical’s 160000 T / a butadiene plant operates stably, and the main source of goods is self use and mutual supply.


External market: as of the close on February 5, the external price of butadiene in Asia fell: FOB South Korea closed at US $715-725 / T, CFR China closed at US $755-765 / T, both falling by US $20 / T. The external price of butadiene in Europe rose: FOB Rotterdam closed at US $555-565 / T, up US $10 / T; FD northwest Europe closed at EUR 595-605 / T, stable.


In the future, most businesses based on the supply side news after the festival, have strong expectations for the forward market, which will boost the spot market. Business community butadiene analysts expect that after the festival, the domestic butadiene market is expected to rise in a narrow range.


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