Aniline prices were stable this week (2 September-6 September)

Price Trend


Aniline prices have remained stable this week compared with last week, according to business associations’big list data. The mainstream price in Shandong is 6000 yuan/ton, while that in Nanjing is 6300 yuan/ton.

II. Analytical Review

Raw Material: This week, the inventory of pure benzene in East China fell again, and the supply of market resources was on the tight side, which formed a favorable support for the price of pure benzene. The weak external support at the beginning of the week led to a cautious attitude in the domestic market. Following the rise of international oil price, the price of pure benzene on the outer plate increased. The Asian-American arbitrage window is still open, but the shortage of resources in the early stage has eased, and its influence on the market is limited.

ammonium persulfate

Product: This week’s aniline tender price is higher than last week’s. However, downstream enterprises have been notified of production restriction, the start-up rate has been reduced, and the demand for aniline has been reduced. By offset, aniline prices remained stable this week.

III. Future Market Expectations

Raw Material: Domestic pure benzene supply is tight, and Sinopec is expected to increase at present, pure benzene market is expected to remain good next week.

Cost support is strong. If the price of pure benzene continues to rise next week, aniline may follow.

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