CHINA domestic aggregate MDI market continued to rise on January 9

One: price trend

According to the price monitoring business community, as of January 9th, the domestic polymerization MDI market price at 11700 yuan / ton, the overall market prices continue upward, prices fell 58.19% over the same period last year.

Two, market analysis

Products: domestic polymerization MDI market continued upward. North China, East China Wanhua goods negotiations 12000-12200 yuan / ton, Shanghai goods about 11800 yuan / ton; Southern China Wanhua goods about 12200 yuan / ton, about 12000 yuan / ton goods in Shanghai. The spot market very tight, middlemen so cheap sellers, prices, market inquiry atmosphere is slightly weakened yesterday.

The North China market, MDI market offer a small amount of polymerization continues to shift. Most of the factory goods volume, the spot market tensions, downstream and middlemen enthusiasm stockpile is strong, the northern market trading atmosphere is. Because the stock is scarce, individual brokers sell wait-and-see, sporadic offer continue to narrow up. East China MDI market narrow shift polymerization. The factory goods volume, middleman delivery of pre sale orders, hands spot limited, cheap sellers, sporadic offer narrow upward. Southern China MDI polymerization spot market shortage, the middle daily dish is scarce, at present middleman positions, sporadic offer higher prices.

ammonium persulfate

Industrial chain: raw materials, domestic aniline to discuss the market stability. Raw material benzene prices, the aniline profit fell to the cost line, factory shipments smoothly, improve the outlook or offer price. Shandong is expected to increase 100 yuan / ton, up 200 yuan / ton in East china. The main reference price in Shandong and North China to 5140 yuan / ton acceptance; East China mainstream market reference price 5200-5400 yuan / ton acceptance factory.

Three, market forecast

Good, the plant is still in repair; individual enterprises control the amount of supply, the spot market is less. Bad, weak end demand; price increases downstream and middlemen stockpile enthusiasm weakened. Business agency aggregated MDI analysts expect short-term market consolidation high polymerization MDI.

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