China’s domestic butadiene market continues to decline on October 11

First, the price trend

Recently, the market for butadiene continues to decline. Business community monitoring showed that as of October 11, the price of butadiene was 11,336 yuan / ton, and the price rose by 9.83%.

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Second, the analysis of influencing factors

Products: Sinopec East China, South China, Central China prices cut 600 yuan / ton to 11300 yuan / ton, bad attitudes, but the impact on market prices is limited. Traders cautiously offered, and the market was very light. There are not many guidelines for the butadiene market in Shandong. The industry continues to bearish on the market outlook. Some private enterprises have a stable factory price of RMB 1,1,500/ton, and traders have stopped reporting. The price of Ning coal supply in Shandong area is 10600-10700 yuan/ton. There is a lack of guidance on the news of the butadiene market in East China. Traders are reluctant to sell at a low price. The downstream mentality is cautious and bearish, with few bids. Asian butadiene closing price, FOB Korea average price offer 1244-1252 US dollars / ton; CFR China average price offer 1195-1203 US dollars / ton.

Industry chain: styrene-butadiene rubber: Due to the weakness of natural rubber, and because some sales companies lowered the price, some companies introduced a batch policy, the styrene-butadiene rubber market showed a weak downward trend, and the offer basically revolved around the factory while the actual transaction price was upside down. And the transaction is dull. Butadiene rubber: The domestic butadiene rubber market is showing a decline. The merchant’s offer was at the ex-factory price, the atmosphere of the inquiry was weak, and there was no substantial buyer’s pick-up. The price of the talk was slightly upside down and just needed to be closed. SBS: The domestic SBS market oil rubber and dry rubber roads are narrowly adjusted.

Third, the market outlook

On the positive side, traders have low stocks on hand, and downstream latex manufacturers just need demand. In terms of bearishness, the demand for downstream synthetic rubber has been slow to follow, the outside butadiene is low, and the market supply of spot goods has increased. The butadiene analysts of the business community expect that the butadiene market will continue to be weak and pay attention to the latest price policy guidelines of Fushun Petrochemical and Sinopec.

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